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Over 200+ lakes in the Nicola Valley Region.
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The backcountry of the Nicola Valley provides the serenity and scenery every paddler craves...

Paddleboarding in Merritt BC Canada

Nicola Valley SUP and Paddleboard Adventures

Paddleboarding in Merritt BC Canada comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, what some refer to as SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) can be enjoyed on many of the lakes throughout the Nicola Valley. Because the Merritt BC area has so many lakes, both easy-access and remote, the “when and where” one wishes to paddleboard depends on your transportation and how far you want to go into the wild.

SUP & Paddleboarding in Merritt BC

“A lake a day for as long as you stay” says it all. There are said to be over 200+ lakes in the Nicola Valley region. Some easy access SUP locations include Nicola Lake (watch for high winds) and Lundbom Lake.  Both SUP lakes are within easy driving distance from the community of Merritt.

Merritt Paddleboard Rentals

For those who travel with their paddleboards in tow have some fun. For those seeking to go paddleboarding in Merritt BC Canada but do not have a SUP with them, there are rentals available. Refer to listings for contact information.

Merritt BC Canada SUP

Nicola Valley Paddleboard Adventures

22 merritt nicola logo 110Haven't tried SUP yet? Here is your chance to experience the thrill at one of the 200+ lakes in the Nicola Valley region.

Experience Paddleboarding

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