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Country Music Hall of Fame

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

Nicola Valley's tribute to the country music legends of yesterday  

Country Music Hall of Fame archives & tours 

One of the oldest heritage buildings in downtown Merritt houses the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. Our national museum showcases over 100 plaques of Canadian Country Music inductees. Including ; Ian Tyson, Hank Snow, Ronnie Prophet, Gary Buck, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, Wilf Carter and many more …..

What's inside this 100 year old building?
Vinyl records playing on a vintage turntable. Hundreds of these records are available for viewing and listening.

Canadian Music Centre Memorabilia!

Enjoy our rotating collection of Canadian Country Music memorabilia. See "Ian Tyson's hat and cowboy boots, Gary Buck's suit, Wilf Carter's white performance suit.

The Walk of Stars begins!

The handprints of dozens of stars are displayed in the centre of the Hall. Photo albums and framed pictures capture the visits of past Country Stars.

Digital! – More to see!

Touch the screen and view a plaque, song and bio of some of our greatest country stars!

The Hall of Fame celebrates the best of Canadian country music! Who are the inductees? What are their contributions to the genre? How have the roots of country music continue to influence musical styles today?

Visit the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and discover the answers to these questions.
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