Shopping in Merritt BC

Stores and services throught Nicola Valley

Shopping in Merritt is mostly enjoyed in Downtown Merritt British Columbia Canada. There are many opportunities to buy local and to shop at big box stores. There are many smaller stores which sell just local products and services in the downtown core and big box at the top of the hill.

shopping Merritt BC

Local Shopping in Merritt BC

Downtown Merritt has a good selection of shopping experiences available. One should park their vehicle and walk our streets for the best experience shopping our stores. In the centre of town one can find gift shops, services, groceries, liquor, clothing, pet supplies, automotive, and much more. 

Big Box Stores

Unlike many smaller communities Merritt is fortunate to have some big box retailers decorate our streets. However, most of the big box stores are located at the "top of the hill" like Walmart and Canadian Tire. The top of the hill shopping is easily accessed from the Trans Canada Highway.

Shopping in Merritt BC Canada

Shop Local or Big Box in the Nicola Valley

Gift Shops

1974 Quilchena Ave, Merritt, BC V1K, Canada
1 250-378-5575   
I dealt with Miss Vicki's Petals and Plants Flower Shop the last couple of days and I have to say, some of the best customer service ever!!
2001 Quilchena Ave, Merritt, BC V1K, Canada
(250) 378-2022   
We offer a wide variety of eye-wear choices for all ages. We also have assorted jewellery & hand crafted gifts
Kane Valley, Thompson-Nicola, BC V0E, Canada
1 250-525-0461   
We custom design, engrave and create custom one of a kind items that are as unique as you.
1966 Quilchena Ave, Merritt, BC V1K, Canada
Collectables, Antique, Gift Shop.
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