Country Music in Merritt
Country Music in Merritt, BC, Canada
If you like Country Music. You like Merritt!
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Downtown Walking Tour - Merritt Canada Murals

murals-002 Legends of Country (painted by Michelle Loughery)

Merritt BC Canada Murals

Downtown Merritt Self Guided Walking Tour

Located in Downtown Merritt, BC, Canada is a collection of 20 or so country music murals which the locals refer to as the Merritt Murals. The collection of murals is considered one of the most popular signature attractions in the community attracting many people from around the world to Merritt. 

Merritt Downtown Art Walk

Together, the country music murals provide one of the best art walks in Canada. It is a downtown walking tour exploring painted portraits of some of Canada's and the world's most recognized country music singers and songwriters. The downtown walking tour is best enjoyed starting at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. To many this is referred to as "Mile 0" of the Merritt downtown walking tour. 

Enjoying the Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame

Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame 

The Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame is right downtown Merritt. The Nicola Valley top attraction houses artifacts, plaques and memorabilia for hundreds of country music super stars. All of which are Canadian. 

Here, at the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame I learned about some of the country music artists I grew up to, and listened to in the past including Prairie Oyster, Hank Snow, Gary Fjellgaard, Gordon Lightfoot, and Buffy Sainte-Marie. 

I must say of all the inductees into the Hall of Fame, Gordon Lightfoot''s songs seem to resonate the most with me. Maybe because I find his songs great for road trips and sightseeing the backcountry.

Of all his songs I really like "Rainy Day People", "Carefree Highway", "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" and my favorite "Sundown".

Canadian Flag Mural (Muralist - Michelle Loughery) ​

Merritt Downtown Walking Tour

I have done the Downtown Merritt Mural Walking Tour on many occasions. Sometimes it is planned like on my first visit to Merritt. And at other times it is done naturally as I go about my day shopping, restocking supplies and browsing the local retail stores in Downtown Merritt, BC, Canada. 

There are so many country music murals in Merritt, it is hard to pick a favorite. But, if I was selecting a mural favorite  and based it on selfie greatness, I would definitely have to go with the Canadian flag mural of Adam Gregory. 

The massive Canadian flag mural makes for a great photo selfie for every Canadian.  (Muralist - Michelle Loughery) 

Coldwater Hotel is a historic landmark in Downtown Merritt

Finish Your Tour Shopping

The downtown core of Merritt, British Columbia, Canada is full of unique little retail stores, gift shops, coffee houses and restaurants.

Park the car and everything is just a short walk away. The big plus here is that some of these businesses have a mural right on the side of their building so you can sightsee murals while you shop and eat. 

In fact it is pretty hard to do anything downtown without running into a mural. So on your next visit to the Nicola Valley come and enjoy Canada's largest country music art walk in Downtown Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.  

When you are done with the mural eye candy, treat yourself to a burger, fries, salad, coffee, ice cream, pizza, samosas, Chinese food and more at one of the local restaurants or coffee houses. 

Lets face it, you will need a good meal before browsing the retail and gift shops located in the downtown core. Enjoy yourself, take your time, I did.   

Downtown Merritt Mural Walking Tour 


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