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Experience Powered Paragliding Merritt BC

By Tania Stewart in Experience Merritt BC Videos 508 views 28th May, 2023 Video Duration: N/A   Merritt, BC, Canada

 Powered Paragliding Experience Merritt BC 

Paramotoring In The Nicola Valley BC

Experience Merritt BC Powered Paragliding in the blue skies over the valley. PPG, short for powered paragliding also called Paramotor. Powered paragliding is a form of ultralight aviation. The pilot wears a back-pack motor that enables enough thrust to take off from the ground when using a paraglider. Powered paragliders can be launched into the still air on level ground, by the pilot with no assistance. In Canada PPG's are considered an ultralight aircraft, meaning you will need to have a permit issued by Transport Canada before operating. Furthermore, you will need to work with an approved authorized instructor when obtaining your permit.

Why The Nicola Valley BC 

Merritt BC on the average has 93.20 hours of sunshine each month yearly. Located in a valley surrounded by mountains, open spaces with little congestion makes the Nicola Valley an ideal destination spot for Paramotors. Boasting a warm dry climate with endless blue skies and long lasting fall weather is a must for all who love to take to the sky. . 

The Cost of Powered Paragliding

What will it cost you to take up powered paragliding in Nicola Valley BC? Prices can vary, depending on a few things. If you are looking to buy new gear, this can cost you anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 or more for your PPG. While used gear can be cheaper, being diligent and careful to ensure what your purchasing is up to all safety standards, reliable and safe. Important to note, you will need training and this ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on instructor or the quality of that instructor. Basically do your research, ask around, join powered paragliding social platforms and research some more, then go back and research some more. 

Paramotoring Safety Merritt BC Canada

Paramotoring is safer than Paragliding and Skydiving statistically due to a few reasons. Firstly, you need to be a licensed pilot to fly an ultralight powered paraglider. Secondly, you must be trained with a licensed flight instructor (pilot). Paragliders are not required to obtain a pilot license or follow strict guidelines. Thirdly, paramotor pilots do not require strong winds in order to fly and not land at high speeds. Paramotoring in Merritt BC is the ultimate experience. 

Nicola Valley BC Paramotors Destination Spot

Ultra Aviation Powered Paragliders Merritt BC

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